Best glue for glasses frames 2020

Best glue for glasses frames

Glass is a material that differs from many others: elegant, beautiful, and functional. It gives a good look everywhere and gives personality to the room. We use it for a lot of things due to its beautiful appearance and properties: in windows, in glasses, in kitchen recipients… However, all these good characteristics have their opposite side: glass is breakable.

How many times have we broken a glass that we liked a lot or our favorite glasses, and we have regretted having to throw them away? Nevertheless, there are some times when these frames can be fixed up with a little glue application, making it impossible to spot a difference between before and after.

That is why it is very important to read this review carefully, so when it comes to the moment of choosing a product for a delicate object as glass, we take the best possible decision.

Best glue for glasses frames 2020

Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue – Classic Quality for any Type of Frames

Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue

The expertise of Loctite in this sector is in no doubt, so trusting an experienced company to solve our problem should always be one of our options. It is perfect for heavy-duty projects with a professional drying result.

It has a clear appearance, and clamping is not required as it sets the broken frames very quickly, extra shine to the final delivery. However, this is not one of the Loctite recommended glues to fix glass, and its superior performance with other materials is sometimes hidden by its strong and irritating odor. 


  • It is the classiest glue, meaning that gives good quality in genera
  • Sets very quick


  • Its strong odor
  • It is not recommended for our duty

Gorilla 7805601 Super Glue – Top Choice for Glasses Repair

Gorilla 7805601 Super Glue

One of the strongest super glue, from another top seller in the market. This glue sets frames fast, and the bond shows significant endurance against new hits. It works best for indoor jobs and especially with small projects, like wood toys. Although it fixes a lot of broken objects, it does not stand out for repairing glass (it is not recommended for that use).


  • It is super strong
  • It dries fast


  • It is not recommended for outdoor works
  • It is not recommended for our duty

Gorilla Micro Precise Super Glue – Precise Product

Gorilla Micro Precise Super Glue

It has the same characteristic strength of the brand, and it dries as fast as the regular Gorila’s glue. It is contained in a small capsule designed to fit easily in our hands. Gorilla’s most clear glue is perfect for projects where accuracy is key.

It is the perfect selection to repair the smallest projects of the house and it could work out with tiny glass pieces too because of its micro precise dispensing.


  • It provides the best precision
  • Easy-handling


    Super Glue – Universal Product for Frames Fixing

    This glue works extremely well on non-porous materials. It begins to harden and cures as fast as the one mentioned above. Unfortunately, it is not resistant enough to water and other substances, and it does not fulfill our purpose since it does not work out with glass, or, at least; the manufacturer does not recommend using it on this delicate type of surface.


    • Its dry time is very short


    • It does not have great endurance features
    • It is not recommended for plastic frames

    Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue – Superior Formula for Every Frame Surface

    Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue

    One of the best products from Loctite as it combines his formula with extra features that add better endurance: it can be used both inside and outside because it resists harsh conditions like aggressive temperature, shocks, extreme weather, vibrations, or moisture. It is perfect for daily use projects. It has a great performance with skinny gaps too.

    His properties, clear finish, and his versatility with all surfaces make it a valuable option for our glasses, although it is not highly recommended either. Also, it is known to bring good results on vertical applications, and on projects that require good flexibility as well.


    • Its superior formula gives better results
    • It does a great job with flexible and vertical projects


      Permatex 80050 Clear RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant – Best for Glass and Frames

      Permatex 80050 Clear RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant

      It may be the less popular brand on the list. However, this product is the most indicated to fix up our glass frames. It works out pretty well on every indoor and outdoor surface. Another great fact about it is its incredible durability: it is waterproof, flexible; and resists every climate and vibration. And performs well on vertical surfaces too!

      In addition to it, it is not dangerous at all like many others because it is not toxic, neither flammable. Therefore, if you do not care about the logo of the package, this should be on the final decision for sure.


      • The best option for our duty
      • It is not toxic


      • The seller is not a top seller


      Before finishing this review, we wanted to make it clear that all the products give excellent results in general. However, if we are looking for specific work such as repairing a crystal glass or our mother’s glasses, perhaps we will need a product that provides some particular characteristics. 

      Last but not least, remind us to be very careful when handling these products, since most of them are dangerous, toxic, and flammable for our health (we do not want our fingers bonded). They may require medical attention. Following instructions and safety measures is necessary. Good luck fixing glass frames, and be more careful next time!