About us

Have you always wanted to build your own furniture and repair all your broken stuff?

Well, You’re in luck!

Here at Woodie’s DIY, we will help you accomplish all of that.

We will teach you the basics and advanced skills of DIY construction, carpentry, interior design and everything else in between.

Why spend a ton of money buying a new one when you can repair it all by yourself!

You can also sell the work that you done for a hefty price tag. A win-win situation indeed.

There’s nothing to be surprised with the whopping high prices of custom furniture. But now, you can do it all by yourself.

Wouldn’t it be fun and fulfilling! Just put on 2 or 3 hours every weekend and you can finish a project within a month.

But here’s the caveat, this site doesn’t make someone a pro at this in one sitting.

You need to put time and dedication in order to master this craft like other skills.

So, make an everyday habit of reading our articles. We assure you that you wouldn’t regret it.