Paint for iron railings

Best paint for wrought iron railings

Are you too among those who loved wrought iron railings so much that you decided to put them all around your house? And are you worried that with passing time they will not look as good as they did when you put them around your home for the first time?

If yes, then you are not alone in this. Most people opt for wrought iron railings instead of normal wooden railings because of how strong they are. But who are we kidding? It is not the only reason why we have placed them around our houses. They make our house look so elegant with the chic, sophisticated and stylish designs they have.

On the other hand, as time passes, since they are made of iron, they tend to rust, and their color fades because they are in contact with air all the time, and the humidity just provides the last touch to the already fading colors. Admit it, we all have been through this, and we hate to see them transform from the beauty they are to the faded appearance we all despise.

That is when we have to decide, should we color them and make them all shiny and new looking again or just let them rust and give our home an antique look? Just kidding, we don’t want them all rusted, that’s why we are here trying to find ways to protect them against the rust and make them all new again.

Best paints for wrought iron

Here we are going to be reviewing some paints and everything you need to know about them and how they are going to help you save your wrought iron railings.

Rust-Oleum, Flat Metallic Soft Iron –The All-in-one-Product

It is best for those who do not like the hassle of waiting after the paint to dry up; it dries only 30 minutes after applying. 

Also, if you want to buy an all in one product, this is the one you might want to opt for.   It is not only good for painting the wrought iron railings, but it can also be used to spray all the other surfaces in your house you were hoping to give a new touch to. 

 It adheres strongly to the surfaces owing to its oil-based formula. Once you use this over a surface, it makes a coating over the surface and does not let air and humidity reach the surface. In this way, it prevents rusting of the iron, fading of the color, and chipping.


  • Universal paint Can apply on almost every surface, for example, fiberglass, wood, plastic, vinyl, concrete, wicker, etc
  • Primer and paint combination
  • Dries only in 30 mins
  • Gives the surfaces modern, fresh and shiny  look
  • Durable


  • Does not make a thicker coating
  • Covers an area of 15 sq feet

Rust-Oleum, American Accents Spray Paint – Best for that perfect finish

It will work best for you if you are into adding that subtle shiny finish to your wrought iron railings. The semi-gloss black paint from the Rust-Oleum gives a bright, rich shiny color to the surfaces you wish to apply this over.

 You may use it virtually on any surface that you wish to. Once you spray it, it is going to last for a long time. It comes with any-angle spray comfort tip so you can easily spray even the hard to reach areas and at the same time, avoid finger fatigue.  You can work for a longer time without getting tired. 

The best thing about it is that it can be used on any surface, which includes metal surfaces, wooden and masonry.


  • Dries extremely fast; after 20 minutes of applying
  • Primer and paint both in one
  • Durable
  • Can be used on any surface
  • It gives surfaces a bright and semi-glossy appearance
  • Excellent for using interior and exteriors on the surfaces 
  • Smooth and full coverage, with vibrant colors


  • Covers 12 sq ft, not as extensive coverage as the others in the list

Rust-Oleum, Universal All Surface Spray Paint – Seamlessly suits all surfaces

The hammered black color from Rust-Oleum is on our list of best paints for wrought iron railings; it is universal, and you can use it on any surface that you want. 

It is an oil-based formula and has strong adhesive properties. Once applied, save your railings or any other surface from rusting, fading color, and chippings for a long period of time.

 The hammered black spray paint will give you a flawless surface.  If your surface has imperfections and it is not smooth, this one that we are talking about will hide everything, and you may want to go for this particular paint because, in the end, you will have a smooth surface.


  • Only takes 30 minutes to dry
  • Makes the surface smooth, hides the imperfections
  • Rust-resistant, resist fading colors and chippings


  • Covers an area of 15 sq ft

Rust-Oleum, Painter’s touch multi Purpose Spray paint – Most suited for getting rid of imperfections

Providing protection against chippings, along with adding a glossier finish and working on the exteriors and the interiors of the surfaces are a few things for which this multi-purpose paint is famous for. 

It is impeccable for those who want a delicate shiny touch to the surfaces. This one is all-angle, you can even use it to reach the hard-to-reach areas without any difficulty.


  • Gives full coverage to the interiors and the exteriors of wooden, plastic, unglazed ceramic and masonry surfaces.
  • Makes the surface imperfections invisible
  • Gives a glossy and soft shiny finish
  • Durable
  • Odorless
  • Protects against chippings


  • Covers only about 12 sq ft area

DTM Direct to Metal – High Performance, Satin Finish – The one for all types of Surfaces

Unlike the ones mentioned above, this particular one is only applied on hard surfaces like on galvanized metals, steels, previously painted metals, and iron structures. The coating thus is extremely tough and long-lasting. 

It is water-based paint, applied directly on the metals with no primer needed. It makes strong bonds with all the metals and helps resists water absorption on the metallic surfaces, thus helping in prevention against weathering, rust, and corrosion. 

It should be a great choice if one is looking for stability and quality for metal surfaces.


  • No primer needed
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • It has no odor
  • It is non-flammable
  • Very easy to apply
  • It is available in many colors


  • Since it is not to spray paint, you need a brush to apply it

Rust-Oleum, Hammered Metal Finish

Rust-Oleum can give a flawless finish to the exterior and interior surfaces of the metals and can cover an area of more than 100 sq feet. 

It is an oil-based formula, works best against rust. It gives a protective coating, and all the imperfections and flaws on the surfaces are levelled and smoothened.

 It prevents damage to the interior and exterior surfaces of metals, masonry, wood, and concrete due to weathering and corrosion.


  • No primer is required
  • Coverage of 100 sq feet
  • Works on interior and exterior surfaces


  • Requires two coatings for it to work

POR-15 Top Coat Gloss Black Paint 128 – Best for a long-lasting effect

It is applied directly to the metals for a long-lasting finish. The best thing about this one, in particular, is that it does not require any primer or any undercoating.


  • It is UV resistant
  • Prevents rust
  • No primer is required


  • The only problem is the price which can be too high for many

Paint for Iron Railings – Buyers Guide

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Paint for Metal Railings?

There is a variety of products available that you might be interested in, and all of these products have their own benefits and shortcomings. However, we have tried our best to list some of the top paints available for metal fences. The ones that you will probably choose are bound to depend on your needs and requirements; our selection of paints will merely provide the different options you can consider before choosing the one most suited for you.

The points to look out for are:

  • Firstly the product you might be interested in should be hassle-free and should be sufficient on its own.  For example, a product that already has the primer added to it has a definite advantage over one that does not because it means you may need to purchase the primer separately. 
  • To make the process of applying the paint more enjoyable and easy, you may consider choosing those products that have a comfortable finger pad along with the high quality of the nozzle.
  • If it is important to you that the color you will use should not fade away in different weather conditions like intense heat or freezing temperatures, you may need to be aware of brands that sell fake color qualities and choose the most appropriate color. 
  • If the paint is rust or scratch-resistant, it may be a better quality of money for you. 

How to Choose the Best Paint for Wrought Iron Railing?

If you are looking for the best product around for iron wrought railings, then you may need to look at ones that are long-lasting. It gets kind of pointless to paint your railing once, and as soon as the seasons change to have to go over it again because the color is all faded.

Rusting is a huge problem that can be seen with a lot of paint products as soon as there is moisture in the air. If rusting is a problem that you do not want to face, you may need to choose those where the primer has already been added, which prevents the moisture from interacting with it. The ones that have oil-based formula tend to be more long-lasting and are more likely to give that extra shine to the color. 

How to Remove Paint from Metal Railing?

There are two ways available to remove paint from metal railings; using a sandblaster and using chemical paint strippers. The best one out of the two is using a sandblaster. The sandblaster is used to remove the paint from the metal railings, you can either hire another person to do the job for you, or you may take on the job for yourself.

If you feel that sandblasting is not for you, then you may be more interested in using chemical paint strippers.  The chemical stripper has to be applied to the metal surface you are currently working on, and then the surface is rubbed either with a metal scrubber or a brush. This process is repeated until the surface is left spotless. And if you like, the chemical paint stripper can easily be made at home using only vinegar and water.

How to Paint Metal Porch Railing?

To remove the paint from metal porch railings, a good amount of hard work will be required. But it is all worth it for our porch to look new again, right?

Firstly, take a good look at your metal porch railing and make a note of any stains or surface markings. Secondly, you need to pick up a metal scrubber or brush to rub away the unwanted marks; make sure to rub until the railing surface becomes all smooth.

Then, spray the surface with water to clean it completely. The last step is to paint your metal porch railing using a primer and product of your liking. 

How to Paint Outside Railings?

A small amount of preparation will be required in the process of painting outside railings. This will consist of scrubbing, cleaning, and coating.  Stains or old marks left on the railings will need to be removed either by using a readymade or a homemade chemical stripper.

After the chemical has been applied to the surface, it will be time for the metal scrubber to show its magic. Once the whole surface has been stripped of old stains and cleaned, it is time for the last step. Choose paint that meets your requirements, start painting, and viola your outside railings are set. 


The different products that have been discussed in this article have their own advantages and disadvantages. This article has hopefully provided you with all the insights that you can look at when choosing paint for your own railings.