Best Laser Level for Landscaping

Best Laser Level for Landscaping

Laser levels are a surprisingly easy tool to use and are known as one of the essential tools for craftsmen and construction workers. You can use a laser level for almost anything that requires precision in any location or position. It allows you to project straight lines on walls and ceilings … and, for slightly more complicated jobs, mark crosses to combine different elements, follow diagonals to place a handrail, or draw plumb lines with perfect verticality.

This is the main reason why even landscapers make use of this tool. It helps them a lot when it comes to landscaping, like placing a plant in a particular area, for example. Therefore, we have made a top 5 of the best landscaping laser levels for landscaping we have found on the market.

Johnson Level Tool 99 006K – The all-in-one

This laser level is very easy to prepare and use. It rotates through a 360-degree beam of red light. Its versatility allows three rotation speeds of 200, 400, and 600 RPM. Slower rotation speeds improve beam visibility. 

This rotating laser can be adjusted horizontally or vertically without removing the laser base from the tripod for maximum versatility. In the horizontal plane, the laser is self-leveling, and in vertical applications, it is manually leveled. A durable, high-impact composite shell is a tough job site.

The price of this laser level is quite high, so if you are a beginner, I would recommend looking at other cheaper options that will follow this top and trying other cheaper and easier-to-use laser levels.

On the other hand, if you are an expert on the subject, this laser level is highly recommended because it guarantees great versatility and covers all your landscaping needs.


  • Easy to use and prepare
  • Horizontal plane is self-levelling
  • Very resistant casing
  • It comes in a very complete pack with everything included
  • Including a comfortable case for easy transport


  • High price
  • Vertical plane is manually levelled

Bosch GLL 150 ECK – 360º laser

It’s an easy-to-use exterior level laser that offers 360º coverage to the right of the box. A compact design lends itself to a simple on-site setup. Adding the fact that the GLL 150 ECK is easy to store and transport, thanks to its protective case, and can be the perfect tool for users who need a one-person leveling solution.

The Bosch Smart Pendulum Levelling System automatically levels the laser and indicates when it is uneven. Includes the LR 3 laser detector.

Perhaps this laser level is not as complete as the previous one about its price. We don’t see it as recommended as the previous case.


  • Easy to use
  • 360º coverage
  • Compact and very light design
  • Has automatic self-levelling systems
  • Includes a storage case


  • High price
  • About 20 feet is not so precise

DEWALT 12V – The Brightest Level

This laser level is ideal for various leveling and design applications. This unit is used to project bright intersections of horizontal and vertical lines. It features green beam laser technology that is four times brighter. Green laser diodes are more visible than red ones and allow a greater visible range in interior applications and better exterior visibility.

This unit offers 3-line 360-degree lasers to aid in the design of the entire room. A full-time pulse mode allows use with a detector. It also has an integrated magnetic mount with 1/4 “and 5/8” thread that allows flushing mounting with metal and steel rail, an over-molded housing, and IP65 water/debris resistance, along with a locking pendulum that helps to avoid damage to internal components. 

Compatibility with 12-volt batteries allows long operating times with the convenience of rechargeable batteries for power tools.


  • Water resistant
  • Green light beam is very bright
  • Full-time pulse mode
  • 12V batteries -> Long operating time (rechargeable batteries)
  • Good visibility and range Self


  • High price
  • Does not include a storage case

Levelling laser level, from Tavool. The best value for money

It is a laser level with excellent visibility up to 50 feet, regardless of whether it is day or night, apart from having great precision.

The price of this laser level is the lowest in this top, which makes it an excellent option to choose if you are a beginner in this topic.

This laser level can be automatically leveled when it is tilted within 4º. If they are exceeded, the laser will blink, indicating that an adjustment of the tool location is required.

It can measure vertically, horizontally and crosswise, and is very easy to use, as well as being portable.

This unit is the best in quality-price of the top without a doubt since it guarantees great performance, good comfort, very good design, great quality, and all this for an unbeatable price, so I highly recommend trying this option first if you are starting, and later start buying more expensive laser levels.


  • Quality – Unbeatable price
  • Light and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Good visibility up to 50 feet
  • Automatic levelling up to 4º


  • A little more precision is required at certain angles
  • Does not include a case or tripod

Spectra Precision Laser LL300-1. The most expensive, but the best performer.

This laser level is enough robust for rough use in the workplace, offering automatic self-leveling performance to help you get the job done quickly, accurately, and efficiently. With a 10-degree (tenths) rod and a tripod, the LL300-1 is a perfect choice for tackling lift control applications.

The performance of this laser level is excellent and in any weather condition. It brings with it a remote control that allows you to place the laser in manual mode for different situations.

It is a very easy tool to use, which increases productivity considerably.

If what you are looking for is extreme quality, functionality and performance, regardless of its high price (the most expensive in the top), this laser level is undoubtedly for you.


  • Very good quality and performance. Even in unfavourable weather conditions
  • Very easy to use
  • Includes a comfortable storage case
  • Durable thanks to the design
  • Long range


  • Very high price


It’s very important to choose the correct laser level to buy since prices vary considerably between them and there are quite a few differences that there are to consider when choosing a laser level.

If you are starting in this world, it is advisable to buy a cheap laser level and start trying this and, as you get to know how everything works, I would start to look at more expensive and more complete laser levels.


How to choose the best laser level?

There are certain points that you should consider before choosing your automatic laser level, and these are the ones that we consider to be the most important:

Use that you will give

Keep in mind that depending on the use, you are going to give to the laser level. You must choose between one model or another.

If you are only going to use it at home, for some DIY projects, the most recommended is to choose between cheap and simple models, with laser in the form of a cross, which will serve you for all domestic activities.

On the other hand, if you will use it professionally, you need a more robust model with better functions. For example, a plumb laser level is ideal for construction work such as column and ladder work. In contrast, a surveying laser level should include extras such as a tripod for convenience when taking measurements in the field.


This is an important point, and it has a lot to do with the previous factor. If you are going to use the laser level at home, a model with a range of between 8 and 15 m will be more than enough.

On the other hand, if you will use it professionally, you should opt for a powerful level with a range greater than 30 m.


I would say that it is the most sought-after on a laser level. It is best to choose a model with a low margin of error, which guarantees good precision.

These gadgets usually have an accuracy of 0.3mm / m, but some models can go as high as 0.1mm / m if you can afford one of these much better.


Most of the current models are self-leveling laser level, and it is a function that should be included by your chosen one, it will save you time in the works and will guarantee you perfect lines.

Self-leveling is very fast, it takes only a few seconds, and it is enough to place the level on a surface with an inclination of no more than 4 °.

Design and materials

These devices are usually small and compact in design, so they are easy to transport. They are also considered ergonomic for easy handling.

As for the manufacturing materials, the most common is that they are made of plastic but consider that this is resistant and covered with rubber, especially if you will use it outdoors. This will cushion shocks or falls and resist water.


There are many extras that a laser level can include. You can find models with magnetic pieces at their base to stick to metal surfaces where you are working.

Others include a clip or thread to install them on tripods, and there are even complete models that include the tripod.


It will depend on the characteristics and brand of the product. At a laser level, the price can be between 25 and 200 euros.

Am I interested in a self-levelling laser level?

We recommend that you look for a level that includes this option. It doesn’t influence the price too much, and it will save you a lot of time and ensure greater precision.

For automatic leveling, the tool has an internal device that swings like a pendulum. In this way, when we place the base fixed and straight (no more than 4 ° of inclination), the laser is regulated to provide a straight and balanced line.

It is also interesting that the auto level is locked to provide a diagonal line. If you don’t, the machine will identify that angle as an error, and it will blink continuously to warn you that something is wrong. In addition, the lock protects the tool when you transport it from one place to another. If not, having a loose part makes it easier to take a hit that can permanently damage the mechanism.