What is the similar meaning of chisel?

On this page you’ll find 40 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to chisel, such as: blade, knife, adze, edge, and gouge.

What is the other meaning of chisel?

To carve using a chisel, you hit the back of it with a hammer or another blunt instrument. Chisel can also mean “to cheat.” If someone chisels you out of your allowance, they shaved it away from you bit by bit. Definitions of chisel. an edge tool with a flat steel blade with a cutting edge.

What does chisel like mean?

Definitions of chisel-like. adjective. resembling a chisel. synonyms: sharp. having or made by a thin edge or sharp point; suitable for cutting or piercing.

What is the old meaning of chisel?

Chisel comes from the Old French cisel, modern ciseau, Late Latin cisellum, a cutting tool, from caedere, to cut.

What is the meaning of chisel in Oxford dictionary?

a tool with a sharp, flat edge at the end, used for shaping wood, stone, or metal.

What is the example of chisel?

The definition of a chisel is a hand tool with a wedge shaped blade that is driven with a mallet or hammer. The tool used for making details in wood, stone or metal is an example of a chisel.

What is the closest synonym?

near-at-hand. nigh. not far away.5 days ago

What is the Greek word for chisel?

The word comes from the ancient Greek kerikter, which is defined as a “chisel, or stamping tool.” This tool was a sign of craftsmanship involving etching or engraving. It helped define and distinguish the quality of the work.

What is a synonym for chisel carve?

chisel divide engrave etch fashion hack mold sculpt shape slice. Strong matches. chip cleave dissect dissever form grave hew incise indent model mould pattern rough-hew slash stipple sunder tool trim whittle.

What does chiseled girl mean?

If you say that someone has chiselled features, you mean that their face has a strong, clear bone structure. Her chiselled features and bold sense of style drew the attention of a model agency scout.

What does chisel mean in the Bible?

The idea is there and Our Heavenly Father is a little like a sculptor. He wants to release his Son in us. And so, he uses affliction like a hammer and trouble just like a chisel, and he chips and cuts away at us through trials to reveal Jesus’ image in you and me.

Is the word chisel in the Bible?

Isaiah 44:12-17 AMPC The ironsmith sharpens and uses a chisel and works it over the coals; he shapes [the core of the idol] with hammers and forges it with his strong arm.

What is the oldest chisel?

Flint ancestors of the present-day chisel existed as far back as 8000 bc; the Egyptians used copper and later bronze chisels to work both wood and soft stone.

What does chisel face mean?

(tʃɪzəld ) adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] If you say that someone has chiselled features, you mean that their face has a strong, clear bone structure.

What does being chiselled mean?

Meaning of chiselled in English (of a man’s face or features) strong and sharp, in an attractive way: She brought with her a young man with finely chiselled features.

What does chisel mean in art?

A sculptor’s carving tool. Those employed for wooden sculpture are struck with a mallet and have wooden handles, those for stone sculpture are metal and struck with a hammer.

What is a chisel in ancient Egypt?

The flat mortise chisel was for cutting into a surface, while the round bar chisel was for flattening the surface. (Khasekhemwy) copper alloy.

What is the verb of chisel?

​[transitive, intransitive] chisel (something) (+ adv./prep.) to cut or shape wood or stone with a chisel. A name was chiselled into the stone. She was chiselling some marble. a temple chiselled out of solid rock.

What are 4 uses of chisel?

Chisel meaning is a hand tool used for carving, cutting, shaping hard materials such as wood, stone, metal. It is one of the most common tools used to shape wood, mostly in carpentry work. The chisel tool used in wood and wood carving is a sharp-edged hand chisel tool similar to a screwdriver.

Which is nearest in meaning?

(superlative of `near’ or `close’) within the shortest distance. “that was the time he came nearest to death” synonyms: closest, nighest.

What is a similar word for synonym?

compatible identical identified interchangeable one and the same. Weak matches. alike apposite coincident convertible correspondent corresponding equal like same similar synonymic tantamount.6 days ago

Which two words are the closest synonyms hint?

Some common synonyms of hint are imply, insinuate, intimate, and suggest.

What is a chisel tool in English?

A chisel is a tool that has a long metal blade with a sharp edge at the end. It is used for cutting and shaping wood and stone. … a hammer and chisel.

What is the meaning of firmer chisel in dictionary?

(ˈfɜːrmər) noun. Carpentry. a narrow-bladed chisel for paring and mortising, driven by hand pressure or with a mallet.

What is the Greek word for knife?

In modern Greek, μαχαίρι means “knife”. Modern scholars distinguish the makhaira from the kopis (an ancient term of similar meaning) based on whether the blade is forward curved (kopis), or not (makhaira).

What is a thin chisel called?

Paring chisels are light, long, thin, almost flexible chisels which are never malleted. They are used primarily for carefully shaving off thin amounts of wood when fitting joints.

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