What is an example of a dovetail?

A dovetail is a joint in woodworking where two sides are fitted together with interlocking pieces. You can also use the word dovetail to show how other things fit well together — like how your picnic plans nicely dovetail with the sunny forecast.5 Different Types of Dovetail Joint
1) Through Dovetail The through dovetail gets also referred to as the plain dovetail. …
2) Half-blind Dovetail Another type of dovetail joint is the half-blind dovetail, also called the single-lap dovetail. …
3) Secret Mitered Dovetail This dovetail joint is also referred to as the mitered blind dovetail. …
4) Secret Double-lapped Dovetail …
5) Sliding Dovetail …

What is an example of a dovetail joint?

Noted for its resistance to being pulled apart, also known as tensile strength, the dovetail joint is commonly used to join the sides of a drawer to the front. A series of pins cut to extend from the end of one board interlock with a series of ‘tails’ cut into the end of another board.

What does it mean when someone says dovetail?

dovetail | Intermediate English to fit together well, or to cause something to fit together well with something else: [ I ] Our plans dovetailed, and we were able to meet that evening.

How can I use dovetail in a sentence?

We are all dovetailed in together. They all dovetailed in together. In terms of the needs of those who have the opportunity to work for one or two days a week, the practical details of the carers’ needs should be dovetailed.

What does a dovetail look like?

This joint type has two parts, called pins and tails. You can tell the difference between these two pieces because the tails are flared triangular shapes, while the pins are thinner. The tails, which look like those of a dove, are what give the dovetail joint its name.

What uses dovetail joint?

A dovetail joint is a joinery technique used in woodworking, traditionally used to join wooden furniture. Dovetail joints are known for their inherent strength and resistance to being pulled apart (tensile strength).

What is the meaning of dovetail in Oxford dictionary?

(formal) dovetail (something) (with/into something) if two things dovetail or if one thing dovetails with another, they fit together well My plans dovetailed nicely with hers. Take your English to the next level. The Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus explains the difference between groups of similar words.

When was dovetail used?

While dovetail joints can be found on ancient Egyptian coffins from 3000 BC, they were not used in European and American furniture until the mid 1600s.

What are the rules for dovetail?

RULES: Dovetail is a better ball stroke play game played with a partner, with each player having their gross score recorded on a minimum of 8 holes. Both partners play the holes individually to the stroke play format and then select which score is entered on the card.

What is the part of speech for dovetail?

nounCarpentry. a tenon broader at its end than at its base; pin.

When did they stop using dovetail?

According to oldcopper.org, coppersmiths kept on dovetailing the seams until about 1900, after which better joinery technology made the time-consuming dovetail process obsolete. This means that a dovetailed pot or pan could have been hand-cut or machine-cut.

What is the most popular dovetail?

The through dovetail joint is the most popular dovetail joint because it is strong, attractive, and versatile. It is commonly used in furniture-making, cabinetry, and woodworking. The through dovetail joint is a traditional woodworking joint characterized by the interlocking triangular shape it creates.

What color is dovetail?

Dovetail Grey is a soft, gray, millennial beige with a silvery undertone. It is a perfect paint color for a living room or exterior home.

What is the strongest joint in woodworking?

Mortise and tenon joints have stood the test of time for their remarkable strength. This traditional joint involves a projecting piece of wood, called a tenon, securely fitting into a corresponding cavity, a mortise. It can be reinforced with glue or wedges for stability for a stronger hold.

What are the basics of a dovetail joint?

The dovetail joint is made up of two parts. The tails are the flared, triangular shapes, cut through the thickness of one board. The pins are the more slender projections, cut along the grain of the other board. There is an ongoing argument/discussion as to which part should be cut first.

What is the angle of a dovetail joint?

Lower (7° to 9°) angles are often advised for joining hardwoods, while higher angles (10° to 14°) are recommended for softwoods and even higher angles (14° to 18°) for half-blind dovetails.

Is dovetail the strongest joint?

Strength. Dovetail is arguably the strongest joint in millwork. It’s made so that it can’t be twisted or pulled in any direction except for one. This means that it’ll take more force to break or damage the joint.

Are dovetail joints difficult?

Hand-cutting a dovetail joint is kind of a woodworking high-wire act; one slip of the saw or chisel and the joint either won’t fit together or will look sloppy. It takes a lot of time to master the ability to cut dovetails quickly and well (by hand or machine), without a lot of fussing around.

What is the strongest wood joint?

A mortice and tenon joint is generally recognised as the toughest around. As a result, they are sensible to use for commercial joinery projects. In simple terms, it allows two pieces of wood to be connected together.

Are dovetail joints worth it?

Making sure that you pick a drawer joint that can withstand this type of wear and tear is crucial to the longevity of your kitchen cabinets. Dovetail joints are considered one of the strongest joints used in kitchen cabinetry construction and are the best solution for a kitchen cabinet drawer box.

Is dovetail joint permanent?

The strongest and most permanent right-angled joints made in wood are the ‘dove-tail’ joints, as illustrated below. The so-called tails and pins fit together to form a secure joint.

What does it mean for two things to dovetail?

If two things dovetail or if one thing dovetails with another, the two things fit together neatly or have some common characteristics.

What is the difference between English dovetail and French dovetail?

English dovetails are the most common. They have interlocking joints and allow the most amount of space – usually several more inches of room than you would get with French dovetails. This is because the dovetail groove cannot be put all the way at the edge of a drawer with French dovetails.

What is dovetail seniority?

DOVETAIL SENIORITY – The combination of two or more seniority lists (usually of different employers being merged) into a master seniority list, with each employee keeping the seniority previously acquired even though the employee may thereafter be employed by a new employer.

Where is dovetail at on a gun?

While most dovetail rails are placed on top of the receiver, there are also examples of side-mounted rails. Some service rifles used by Soviet and Warsaw Pact nations armed forces have a distinct type of side-mounted scope, informally known as a Warsaw Pact rail.

What does proclivity mean in simple terms?

proclivity • \proh-KLIV-uh-tee\ • noun. : an inclination or predisposition toward something; especially : a strong inherent inclination toward something objectionable. Examples: Martin’s proclivity to lose his temper made him difficult to work with. “

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