10 DIY Crafting and Storage Ideas

10 DIY Crafting and Storage Ideas

Smokers usually keep their cigar in a cigar box to maintain their quality. Apparently, cigar boxes can be easily modified or recycled to suit variety of purposes because many of them are made of durable materials such as wood, tin or aluminum. If you wonder what can you do with your cigar boxes, keep on watching because I’ve summed up 10 DIY Crafting and Storage Ideas from Cigar Boxes.

10.A Rustic Drawer makeover idea Having drawers at home is important to stash the clutter away. But sometimes they cost sky high. So, instead of buying one, why don’t you try to make one? Don’t worry about drilling and hammering because you are not going to use it anyway. This one is pretty simple and easy so that you can finish it in only few minutes. First, you’ll need a shelf unit.

A well-worn one is okay as it will provide a rustic touch to your home. Next you’ll need some cigar boxes and pulls. Screw the pulls onto the front side of each cigar box, then put the boxes inside the shelf unit. For the top of the shelf, you can use it to place your favorite photo or a hand drawing project you completed lately. And continue speaking about hand drawing project, I refer you to a video link inside description area.

It will lead to a Tom Holland realistic drawing project. It plays under 5 minutes and its description area features all supply you need to follow the project from start to finish. Thank you for your attention and let’s return to our main topic.

9. Ring Holder storage idea Cigar box can be your best friend to keep your rings organized well.

With some materials like cigar box, quilt batting and fabric, you will be able to make your own ring holder at home which look pretty much like the one in the jewelry store. First, make some rolls from quilt batting and cut them to size to fit inside the cigar box. Next, cover them in your favorite fabric color for more attractive look. The last, fit them inside the box and arrange your rings. Last, you can also cover the cigarette box with gift wrap in case you want it to look different.

8. Wall-Mounted Shelving idea Wall-mounted shelves are one of many ways that provide you additional storage as well as serving visual interest. Furthermore, they leave the floorspace clean, so the room feel more open. To make them, you have to prepare some cigar boxes, scrapbook paper, picture hangers, and some embellishments. First, Start by taking the hinges off the cigar boxes, then attach the picture hangers on the back of it.

Next, adhere the scrapbook paper inside, and add some embellishments as you wish. You can also stain them for different look. The last, hang them on your walls and display your knick-knacks.

7. A Pochade Box makeover project The idea to paint often comes spontaneously, so it is better to always be ready to capturethe moment in a canvas.
With pochade box, you can express your idea everywhere whenever it pops into your mind because it can be brought easily due to its small size. Pochade box has a very simple design that you can follow your own with lower cost. With a wooden cigar box, scrap wood, nails and some hand tools, you can get your low cost pochade box. First, make sure to use the nice wood cigar box so it will be durable. Next, attach a little wood behind under the lid to avoid it open too far.
After that, cut the panel palette to fit the box then adhere the easel.

6. A Chic Multipurpose Storage Box idea Who would have guessed that this chic storage box is actually a cigar box? It will only take a few minutes to turn a vintage cigar box into a lovely storage box which looks fancy. To make this storage box, you will need gift wrapped papers, paint, glue, and a few minutes of your time. Begin with removing the hardware and clean it up.
If there is any rough surface, just sand it down. Next, paint the surface and let it dry. After that, measure inside the box, then cut the paper according to the measurement. Once you get the perfect cut, apply the glue inside and place the paper. The last, add details exterior then attach the hardware that was removed back.

5. A DIY Cigar Box Purse makeover idea If you are one of the women that considers a purse as a magical pocket where you can keep everything inside it, you should consider making this unique cigar box purse idea. Take a cigar box and paint it with your favorite color or choose a neutral color so it just matches with any color of your outfit. Next, add details or just leave its original look. The last attach the handle.

4. A Sewing Box project idea Cigar box does well for storage purposes, just like this sewing box. It doesn’t require many tools and materials, only some wood boards and glue or nails to attach them. First decide the decoration and the partitions you want it to have. After that cut the boards to make the partitions and attach them with glue.

Let it dry then it is ready to use, but if you think it is way too ordinary, feel free to add some embellishments.

3. A cigar box Bathroom Shelving makeover idea The bathroom, especially a small one, usually lacks storage. As the result, the things usually used are scattered and this will make the room feel more cluttered and dirty. If you don’t want this happen in your bathroom, consider making some mounted shelves.

They can save up more space and organize the things well so the bathroom can stay organized. To make mounted shelves, you need some cigar boxes depending on how many shelves you want to make, some nails, and chains. Once the materials are prepared, start to attach the chains on each edge of the cigar boxes to support it when hung on the wall. Make sure the length of the chain is enough to form 90-degree angle when the box is opened. Next, nail the box on the wall.

2. A Shabby-Chic Crafting Box idea A plain cigar box is actually enough as a storage box but somehow some of us want to make it to look a bit different and beautiful with some decoration and accessories. if you feel the same, you might be interesting in trying this shabby-chic craft cigar box. First, start by painting the box with your favorite color then cover it with burlap. The burlap might make it look a bit ancient but you can balance it by adding some accessories like lace or some flower crafts.

Before we get to number 1, I suggest you to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you. Get new updates automatically every time I upload new video and let’s find out last idea sitting on our top chart. Lastly number 1. A Cigar Box Planter project idea Not only repurposed into storage box, cigar box also can be used as a container for plants. Besides cheap, making it won’t take a lot of time.

For pansy planter, you only need to line the cigar box with parchment paper then place your plants inside. While for the succulent planter, you have to change parchment paper with sand before placing your plant. So, Those are 10 DIY Crafting and Storage ideas from Cigar Boxes that you can make at home to add more storage while sprucing up your home. Happy trying! That’s it for now, before you leave, like this video (if you truly enjoy it), comment it, or share it with anyone close to you in your social media account or email list.

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